Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Current Albums

I have a few albums in rotation that I may review in the coming weeks. Jenny Lewis is still getting play, I often have one of her new songs stuck in my head. 

Other albums I am listening to:

"Carried To Dust" By Calexico - An excellent album. Lush twilight- in-the-country music. This should be the first I review.

"Life Like" By The Rosebuds - They're back to guitar rock! Also shaping up to be a great album, only listened at work so far.

"Feed The Animals" By Girl Talk - A free album, comprised mostly of samples of very well known songs. Very weird, very interesting.

The critics darling. Honestly haven't heard much stand out from it yet,  but it got excellent reviews and I haven't given it that much of a chance. I'll try to give it some attention this week.

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